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Works by Varian Morn

Their Journey Series focuses upon Vlad and Yulvia as they traverse the world facing dangerous Mutants, diabolical men, and even the very earth. Set in the Post-Apocalyptic future, the story centers upon Vlad and Yulvia and their relationship during their journey.

About Their Journey

Books Released In the Their Journey Series:

Their Journey

Their Fear

Their Hate (Coming Soon)


Their Journey: Vlad’s Troubles

Their Journey: Vlad’s Price (Coming Soon)

Their Journey: Grant’s Journey


Kell is a stand alone novel centered upon Fiona and Jack. Tasked with guarding and maintaining the Pond of Time, Jack and Fiona must handle the issues that come not only from the Pond of Time… but also from their fellow Royals.



Abbadon series is focused upon Lirr and his quest to return from whence he came.


Abbadon – Spring

Abbadon – Summer

Abbadon – Autumn

Abbadon – Winter


The Front-Line Series: The Front-Line series is centered on Noth and Telleya, as they travel their world.

Books released in the Front-Line Series :

Grains of Sand

Leaves of Trees


The Last Contract is the story of some of the last Contractors, Avia and Triv, and their struggles as they face those who would use them for evil and search for those who would use them for good.

The Last Contract

A Sprite’s Delve : Sylvi was lucky to be born a Sprite.  A race of powerful magic users, wealthy and well respected. From the moment of her birth it was her destiny to become powerful, and live freely. Fate wasn’t kind, however. Born with corrupted magic, her body was being poisoned from within. Slowly killing her, she looks to a newly opened mine in a far away land… a place of wonder, and thrice the horror. With no known cure, she must venture forth into the most dangerous place in the world, hoping for miracle. A place where magic thrives, vicious creatures lurk, and the darkness itself comes alive. However, the Delve is far more than just a treacherous place, it’s a profitable one. And the powers that be have no intention to share…

A Sprite’s Delve

Forbidden Scholars : The Church has forbidden the Scholars from living within their lands. Sadly, there’s no where else to live. Forced to live in secret, the Scholars practice their forbidden arts quietly… hoping to one day be free and welcomed by others. Their knowledge and arts are banned for good reason. The Church doesn’t want their flock to find better caretakers, but the Scholar’s knowledge isn’t easily ignored. The Dog of the Church, Grey is willing to do anything in his power to see that such knowledge remains forbidden… even if he must resort to the taboo himself.

Forbidden Scholars

Mint’s Rift : A great Rift divides a once bountiful continent. Wild magic has separated the land in two, and its affects are far more than families being torn apart. The magic has begun to spread, threatening to separate the whole world into two.  Hoping to stop, or at least prolong the Rift from growing, people of power go into motion. Armies are made, deals are struck. Peace is made between even long time enemies in hopes of confronting this great calamity… Yet none who enter the Rift ever return.

Part of the Mint’s Saga series! Mint’s War is coming soon!

About Mint’s Saga!

Mint’s Rift

Thread Of Vita : She can see the threads of dread. It’s well known that a Seer of such threads can prolong life, and even avoid death in most cases… but her rare and unique skill is of no help in a world full of cruel malice and powerful magic. Sought by the rulers of the world for their own devices, she must use all her wit and skill in manipulating the threads to keep herself alive… and maybe, if she’s lucky, not thrown in chains along the way.

Thread of Vita

The Forest’s Seed : Frø’s forest is dying. A strange disease has sneaked into the roots of her trees, poisoning not just the woods but the ground itself. Rivers have become toxic, the animals rotten. Not only are the plants dying, but those who lived among them as well. As protector of the forest, she doesn’t hesitate in resorting to the unthinkable to save her home… She must leave, in search of help.

The Forest’s Seed

The Wilt Sword : Sometimes, a sword is more than just a chunk of metal. Although rusty and decrepit, Parven is more than happy to hang onto the blade… even if she won’t shut up.

The Wilt Sword

Ali From The Dark When the world is being overtaken by strange creatures of the night, Amber is forced to make the deal of a lifetime. Either Amber’s deals end up destroying the world, or they’ll gain her and humanity an ally from the darkness.

Ali From The Dark

Enigmatic A young girl knows things that she should not know. What makes matters worse, is the one who is her source of information. He’s dead, or at least should be, yet she speaks with him. Stuck inside her head, he bides his time, teaching her, guiding her, waiting for the opportune moment. Forcing her down a path that no little girl should walk upon, an enigmatic battle ensues.


Fortress In a world where even the bravest and strongest must huddle together for survival, a certain title has been given to specific individuals: Fortress. Those who earn such a title are seen as the name implies, a fortress, a safe haven from the dangers that lurk within the world. These are the stories of these individuals, those who have both earned such titles and the ones who deserve them.

Fortress — Angelika’s Fortress

Fortress — Lena’s Fortress


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