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About Their Journey Series

Their Journey,

Yulvia’s world was being destroyed by an invasive algae. Completely eradicating the world’s fresh water supply, people quickly turned to the only solution they could think of… Stasis. Placing hundreds of thousands of survivors into Stasis, only awakening a select few when needed, would have allowed the planets population to not only survive… but eventually regrow. In hopes of awakening out of Stasis a hundred years later, Yulvia expected to see a planet restored. Fresh water in abundance, plant and animal life regaining and reforging, and everything returning to normal… instead, she woke up to Vlad.

Vlad’s world is a simple one. All he cares for is eating, sleeping, staying warm and most importantly… staying alive. To him it is normal, if not enjoyable, but to Yulvia his world is a far stretch from what she had expected to awaken to.

All alone, Yulvia’s heart told her to search for her family, her only hope of returning to a somewhat normal life… But the world is far too dangerous to go at it alone, and thus she requests the help of Vlad.

Their Journey is the story of Vlad and Yulvia as they journey throughout the world, encountering dangerous Mutants, vicious environments, battling ruthless humans, and even one-another along the way.

Their Fear,

A few month’s have passed since Vlad and Yulvia’s journey to find her family has ended, and they are now adjusting to their life in the Facility. Adjustments however have been slow and not easy.

To make matters worse, Vlad returns from gathering supplies only to find his worse fear come true. Yulvia is gone. Vlad must now not only track yulvia down and rescue her, he must also deal with Yulvia’s people in the process. And Vlad must hurry, for Yulvia’s facing her own fears…

Their Fear is the second installment in the Their Journey Series, and is the story of Vlad and Yulvia facing their fears as they battle not only everything the world has to offer… but the cold Reality it holds.


Their Journey: Grant’s Journey,

Their Journey: Grant’s Journey is the story of Grant and Yulsia as they awaken and journey through a post-apocalyptic world in search of safety and rescue.

Their Journey: Grant’s Journey is set before the events of Their Journey, before Vlad and Yulvia’s journey.

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