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Mint’s Saga

Mint’s Saga is a trilogy, focusing on two individuals who belong to a race of people known as Powers.

A great fissure of magic erupted without warning, and now two separate realms are connected. The Lands of Man and the Lands of Power. However, a giant wall of magic separates them, that came to be known as the Rift.

The Rift is a dangerous place. Full of not just strange creatures and weather patterns, but magical beasts and artifacts. Neither humans nor powers are able to safely venture the Rift, although some do risk it.

Krift is a Riftborn. A man born in the Rift. He’s a power, and offers his services as a guide through the dangerous Rift for powers and humans alike.

Mintmorency is a younger power, who grew up in the Lands of Man. Her mother recently passed, alongside the rest of her human family, and she now wishes to cross the Rift in search of her remaining family members.

Follow Krift and Mintmorency as they find their way through the two realms, and the magical rift that separates them.

Mint’s Rift
Mint’s War
Mint’s RiftBorn